Insurance by Burley

Auto Insurance

Michigan automobile insurance laws are complicated and confusing. In addition, most insurance companies now offer an array of discounts for which you may qualify. Let Insurance by Burley sort it all out and recommend a coverage package that best suits your needs at a price you can afford.


Your home or cottage is the largest purchase you might ever make. Protect your investment and your financial future with homeowners, personal liability and related policies from Insurance by Burley.

Business Insurance

Making a business thrive in Northern Michigan is challenging, at best. Balancing security and cost directly impacts the future of your business. Let Insurance by Burley safeguard your future while minimizing your premiums by providing affordable, comprehensive property and liability coverage.

Employee Benefits Plans

Significant changes in the insurance industry are occurring in the group health insurance market; new IRS regulations, rising premiums and medical provider changes are creating new insurance products and innovations. Keep yourself and your employees abreast of the changes and opportunities by consulting with Insurance by Burley.

Health Insurance

Insurance by Burley can recommend an individual medical plan or a Medicare Supplement that best meets the needs of you and your family.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies help protect those who may be left without other financial support and Insurance by Burley can recommend a program that's best for you.